"On a print of a series called Charlie the Model (1976)—in which Woodman and the art school model appear in the corner of a windowed room, playing with a roll of paper, a mirror, a glass bowl, and a glass plate—Woodman writes that she guesses that Charlie “knows a lot about being flattened to fit paper”. This line is almost emblematic for Woodman’s talent for flattening herself and her mostly architectural surroundings to fit photographic paper."

- exhibition review on the Francesca Woodman retrospective shownat the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City from March 16 - June 13, 2012


Flattened to Fit Paper operated first as a Wordpress photography blog. Its aim was to highlight interesting photo-based art exhibits and photo artists that primary founders and contributors, Issha Marie and Jennifer Leung, find interesting. Both women studied and majored in Visual Studies at the University of Toronto, and although their respective artistic practices and focus differ from each other's, both use photography as their primary medium of visual expression.

When both their lives took a turn for the unexpected, Issha Marie took over Flattened to Fit Paper and turned it into a food blog first, before it evolved into a space where she could showcase her commercial photography portfolio to prospective clients. She has since partered up with Vancouver-based photographer, Alison Page, for her commercial ventures at Page + Paper, which led to her abandoning this space to build her new business venture. 

What's Next

Issha Marie and Jennifer Leung have partnered up again to maintain this website and turn it into a photography collective of sorts.

Watch this space as it continues to evolve.

Issha Marie


Jennifer Leung